Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Monday, March 18, 2019

Our Values and Dreams

Our Values and Our Dreams

1)  Christ is at the heart of all we do.

2)  We make room to belong, explore, ask questions, and hold a variety of Christian convictions.

3)  We creatively engage the culture without being political, polarizing, or pandering.

4)  Our perspective is holistic—ministering to body, mind, and spiritin word and deed to the individual, family, church, society, and world.

5)  We’re multi-generational.

6)  We exist for and have a purpose beyond ourselves in mission, evangelism, and justice.

7)  We strive to be generous and wise stewards of everything entrusted to our care.

8)  We seek to incorporate healthy spiritual practices to help us grow in Christ (i.e. prayer, study, service, play, fasting, etc.).

9)  We’re open to change, innovation, and growth as the Spirit leads us.

10)  We haven’t arrived yet, but we’re moving forward. We’re a people in process and transformation into the likeness of Christ more and more.

11)  We’re shaped by the Triune God, Scripture, interactive prayer, the Reformed faith, and the collective wisdom of the church and culture over the ages that rings true with Christ.

12)  Our programs and procedures are crafted to honor and foster healthy relationships.

13)  We seek to equip, empower, and encourage one another in the work of Christ.





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