Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Friday, March 22, 2019
Middle School Youth Ministry
Sundays from 6:30-8:00pm
(during the school year)


Where to find us:

Facebook: The Journey IPC
Phone: 770-942-0710

This fall, Journey promises to be a fun-packed & spiritually adventurous semester! Our name reminds us that we’re pilgrims on a journey together following Christ.

We have a great adult leadership team and a vibrant group of middle school students. Our mission at The Journey is to empower middle school students and their families to live by faith, be a voice of hope, and to be known by love.

It’s our hope that you’ll connect @ The Journey with others and grow in Christ through fun, meals together, pertinent discussion where faith and life intersect, worship, and service in the world.


Pastor John & the Student Ministries

Leadership Team

Ways to Get Involved

1. Journey meetings: Sundays from 6:30-8:00 pm in Witherspoon Hall (dinner) & M.S. Youth Room (Room 7)

2. Sunday morning worship:
8:30 or 11:00 am

3. Sunday School:
9:45 am M.S. Youth Room (Room 7)

4. Confirmation Class

5. Mission and Work Trips

7. Summer Camp: Montlure

The Journey strives to:
1. Empower middle school students to grow in relational holiness—to love both God, neighbor, & themselves more deeply.
2. Relate imaginatively the message of Jesus Christ to the various spiritual & emotional stages of each student.
3. Support our students with adult leaders who seek to lovingly embody the Christian faith with words & actions.
4. Create a safe place where high school students can be respected, welcomed, & listened to.
5. Be mindful of the entire family in scheduling and ministry.
6. Nurture student ownership and involvement.
7. Equip students to live out their faith in high school & beyond.
7 Elements of The Journey
1. FIRE: Offering worship to God in joyful response to all that God has done for us.
2. WIND: Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our words and actions.
3. LIGHT: Shining the light of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world.
4. EARTH: Digging into our faith together as Jesus followers by honestly encountering God & one another in all our victories and struggles through the cultivation of healthy spiritual practices.
5. WATER: Immersing ourselves in relationships inside Mosaic and out in the community through commitment, sharing, encouragement, and good times.
6. WOOD: Practicing our gifts in generous and cheerful service to God and others by joining in God’s kingdom work.
7. OIL: Applying God’s healing and justice individually and communally to physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs.