Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Friday, March 22, 2019
Are you new to Immanuel?
We know it's not easy to walk into a new situation, but we want you to know you are welcome here, whether or not you've ever gone to church before. Come as you are to learn new ideas and perspectives, and to meet new friends.
What should I wear? 
Wear whatever you like, whatever you're comfortable in. There's no spoken or unspoken dress code here. Hey, this is Tucson. You'll see folks in jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tennies, as well as suits and ties. What matters to God and to us is that you are here. 
What about my kids? 
Your kids will be well cared for at Immanuel, and they'll have a great time! We love to have kids in worship, but if you prefer, our nursery is available for infants and kids up to age 3. In addition, each Sunday during the second half of the worship service, activities are provided for three year olds through 1st graders in a different room. They are led by an adult and a member of our youth group. During the school year, we have Sunday School classes and activities for kids age 3 through 12th grade.  And your teens will want to come back for our Sunday evening youth group.
What is the worship service like? 
At Immanuel, we pray, read scripture, sing praise songs and hymns, listen to the Word of God as preached by the pastor and as sung by the choir or the praise band. Each service lasts about an hour, and we gather on the patio afterwards for refreshments and conversation. Our 8:30 Alternative Worship Service is led by a praise team comprising vocalists, guitar, keyboard, and bass. The 11:00 Traditional Worship Service is led by the choir and organ, piano, and other instruments. Both services follow a similar order of worship.  
What about the offering plate? 
As members of Immanuel, we give joyfully back to God in gratitude for all we have been given, to support the work of our church.  When the offering plate is passed, you are invited, but not obligated, to give as you are called or able to do.  We hope you will fill out the Connection Card that's in the bulletin, drop it in the offering plate, and let us know how we might serve you.
How will I know what to do during Holy Communion? 
At Immanuel, we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion usually on the first Sunday of each month, and on other special occasions such as Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter Sunday), World Communion Sunday (the first Sunday in October), and at the 11:00 service on Christmas Eve.
Communion will usually be served to you in your seats. After the pastor pronounces the "Words of Institution," the communion servers will first pass plates of bread cubes through the congregation. Take a piece of bread and hold it until everyone has been served. Then we all eat the bread at the same time, and the pastor will tell you when. Then the communion servers will pass a tray of small cups of grape juice. Please take a cup and pass the tray to the next person. Hold the cup until everyone has been served, and the pastor will tell you when to drink it. 
On some special occasions, we take communion by intinction. This means that there will be one or more communion "stations" at the front of the sanctuary, with one person holding the bread and one person holding a cup of juice at each station. Ushers will direct you to the front. When you approach the communion servers, take a piece of bread, dip it into the cup of grape juice, and then eat it as you return to your seat. 
What about handicap accessibility?
Immanuel's campus is disability-friendly. We have ramps from our parking lots, a ramp to the upper level for entry into Witherspoon Hall, wide doorways and covered walkways, and equipped restrooms on all levels. Although we do not have automatic door openers, there are usually plenty of people around to assist with opening doors. For those who use wheelchairs, we have reserved seating in different places (front and back) in our sanctuary. The City of Tucson's Sun Van ( is available and knows where we are located, if you want to schedule transportation to and from church. 
Anything else I should know? 
We'd love it if you will stay a while after worship and enjoy coffee and snacks in Witherspoon Hall. And we hope you'll come back the next week. The people of Immanuel follow Jesus by loving God, loving people, and serving the world. 
See you soon! 

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